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The younger generation of CH is similar to the 2007 Penguins?

The younger generation of CH is similar to the 2007 Penguins?

Caufield, Suzuki, Slafkovsky and the whole gang dream of more than one this season. And former tricolor head coach Michel Terrain is one of them.

Passing through the preliminary match for the Canadiens on TVA Sports, the coach He admitted that this younger generation reminded him of the Penguins of 2007, when Crosby, Malkin, Letang and Jordan Stahl were on their first steps in the NHL.

Watch his full speech in the video above.

“I experienced the same thing when I arrived with the Pittsburgh Penguins. […] The kids had a lot of fun together in the ring. Pucks can still be heard hitting the boards at 3:30 p.m. I asked them what they were still doing in the ring at the time and they said they had nothing else to do. I get the impression it’s the same atmosphere this season among Canadians. »

” this Business Which is pretty tough because you have fun when you win, but I love what I’m seeing from Canadians now. They are exciting. »

Crosby is in a class of his own

Michel Terrain also remembers the day he realized Sidney Crosby wasn’t a young hockey player like the others.

“It was a Sunday, and it’s usually a holiday for everyone. I went to the rink because I had 2-3 things to do. Walking in, I saw Sidney Crosby training on the rink. So I asked him what he’s been doing since it was time off. At 19, He told me Tiger Woods never took a day off, he’s demonstrating his winning mentality and his desire to be the best.

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