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The world in pictures | Journalism

Here is a selection of the best images from international news from Friday, March 15.

Photography: Henry Nicholls – AFP

In central London, British Labor Party activists wore chicken costumes and masks of Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to call on him to call a general election soon.

Photography: Navish Chitrakar/Reuters

In Kathmandu, a Nepali Muslim applies kohl to his eyelids, at the entrance to the mosque, on the occasion of Ramadan.

Photography by Anthony Wallace, AFP

In Seoul, a hospital worker walks past her establishment. Thousands of medical workers have gone on strike to protest the South Korean government's plan to dramatically increase the number of doctors, to compensate for an aging population and labor shortages.

Photography by Ralph Hershberger, AFP

In Scharfenbr├╝ck, in the German state of Brandenburg, farm workers cover an asparagus field with a layer of plastic to help trap the sun's heat and encourage growth. Asparagus season in this state officially begins on April 1, but a mild winter and rain have allowed growers to get started.

Photography by Andreas Solaro, AFP

Actors dressed as Roman senators reenact the assassination of Julius Caesar by a group of conspirators (among them his adopted son, Brutus), on March 15 BC, in central Rome.

Photography: Ishara S. Kodikara, AFP

A man sells shrimp on a street in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Photography by Devi Rahman, AFP

A young boy walks across a flooded railway line in Samarang, central Indonesia's Java island.

Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev, AFP

Cherry trees bloom in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.

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