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The Witcher 3: An AI imitating Geralt's voice

The Witcher 3: An AI imitating Geralt’s voice

Scene Padding On the computer it is just mind-blowing.

This is what comes out of the sight of the search an unforgettable night For the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Usually, modified (modernIn fact, the subject of an article: it is common in popular games. On the other hand, this is noticeable, as it uses artificial intelligence to subtly mimic the sound.

Thus, actor Doug Cockle, whose voice is lent by Geralt de Reve, reads certain lines without consulting him at all. An unusual phenomenon announces a beautiful legal mystery.

On the other hand, computer-generated narration script creation is a potential time saver for studios. On the one hand, there are sad players who had no idea that automation would catch up with their industry so quickly.

By looking a little further, we realize that AI is already in video game development on the storytelling side. On the other hand, he often waits for real voices recorded in the studio. At least, for Obsidian, that’s how it works.

In the end, the mod gives an impression of quality CD Projekt RED content. Serial the magician He is hugely popular, prompting his fans to continue the adventure while awaiting a possible fourth episode. See for yourself the result:

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