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The White House defends Biden’s plan to visit Saudi Arabia

The oil monarchy has been a strategic partner for “almost 80 years. There is no doubt that vital (US) interests are tied to Saudi Arabia,” White House spokeswoman Karen Jean said Monday. – Rock.

The White House on Monday backed Joe Biden’s plan to meet with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who, despite US intelligence findings, “verified” the assassination of opposition journalist Jamal Kashoki.

“This trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia, as it happens, will take place in the context of important goals for the American people in the Middle East,” a White House spokesman told reporters. , Karine Jean-Pierre.

“If (Joe Biden) decides that communicating with a foreign leader is in the best interest of the United States and that this relationship can yield results, he will do so,” he added.

He promised to consider the kingdom “neglected.”

Joe Biden, who will travel to Germany and Spain to attend the G7 and NATO summits this month, will make his first visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia as president, NATO reports.

But the White House has refused to confirm the information, citing criticism of the Democratic president’s face for promising to consider the country a “pariah” after the assassination of Jamal Kashoki. At the time, the media reported that the trip had been postponed and would probably go to July.

Karen Jean-Pierre, who declined to confirm again, denied that the executive had changed her plans. “People asked if it was postponed. The president (…) said a visit was planned. But it was not moved or postponed. This information is not accurate.”

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This diplomatic warming has two obvious Saudi concessions to Joe Biden’s goals: an increase in crude oil production to help ease rising prices and an extension of a ceasefire in Yemen.