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The Ushiaga Festival has been postponed until 2022

The Ushiaga Festival has been postponed until 2022

Montreal Summer has just lost an important piece of music: Cardi B, Vu Fighters, and Post Malone will not step onto the grand stage at Park Jean Drabeau from July 30 to 1he is August. Promoter Evinco announced Thursday morning that the Osiaga festival has been postponed again.

Charles Eric Bliss BoleynCharles Eric Bliss Boleyn

“ Given the ever-evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 and our commitment to the safety and health of festival-goers, we must postpone the official celebration of Day 15 with heavy hearts.e On Facebook and Twitter, the festival mentioned, “Ushiaga is in memory so that this major event can be celebrated safely and in style at Park Jean Drabo in 2022.” The online event leSoniq and Lasso Montreal, a new Qatari festival that was scheduled to launch on August 13 and 14, has also been postponed.

Osheaga’s 2020 – also deferred release – and 2021 passes will be honored next year, but even KO will give ticket holders the option to pay.

Already in December 2020, the organizers announced the titles of the three of the 15e Music and arts forum despite healthy uncertainty. “We will continue to update the festival’s status, but we look forward with hope and optimism to the future, because there is already a light at the end of the tunnel!”, He even wrote.

The light flashed, decidedly, farther than expected. The CH group, of which even its origins are a part, had announced the previous day that two Spectra festivals, Francos and the Montreal Jazz Festival, had been postponed to September. Programmer Laurent Saulnier said Journalism He considered the presence of international artists during these two musical encounters unlikely

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Little wonder, then, that the existence of the American Three Superstars is no longer possible for Evenko, even if the promoter has been broadcasting advertisements for the event until very recently. The Justin Trudeau government expects that all Canadian adults wishing to do so will receive two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by September. Until then, a return to “normal” for large-scale events appears unlikely.

“If we wait to clarify everything, we will not be ready for the summer,” he said. Journalism Nick Farkas, Vice President of Programs Up to Parties & Events, comes in January. “If you don’t confirm the artists, you won’t get any of them. They will be in Europe or Asia.”

To see if Cardi B, Foo Fighters and Post Malone finally perform in Europe or Asia, we’ll have to wait.

Remember, CH Group was “concerned” last week about the future of the Osheaga Festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau. A new master plan from Montreal is to reduce the site that welcomes festival-goers and artists.

Year after year, the three days of music festivities welcome around 130,000 visitors, about 70% of whom come from outside Quebec.