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The US is facing increasingly aggressive Chinese espionage

The US is facing increasingly aggressive Chinese espionage

A sign erected on a street in Grand Forks displays a message hostile to the establishment of a U.S. subsidiary of Fufeng, a Chinese group suspected of espionage in North Dakota on May 4. NEW YORK TIMES-REDUX-REA/LEWIS ABLEIDINGER/NYT-REDUX-REA

The story – he’s “unprecedented on American soil, bolder and more dangerous than ever,” says the FBI’s director.

Washington Correspondent

A white pagoda rises in the center of the Chinese National Garden, set on the vast grounds of the National Arboretum in Washington, surrounded by traditional Chinese pavilions, roofed in graceful arches, and round gates opening onto gardens of rockeries. Poetic names like “Toucheclouds”, “Douce undulation” or “Happy rain”. Approved by US Congress In 2008, when relations between China and the United States were still cordial, the plan was presented by Vice President Joe Biden and the Secretary of State in 2011. Hillary Clinton, to then Chinese President Hu Jintao. The start of work is set for summer 2017.

China was so eager to complete its construction that it offered to pay the entire budget, estimated at $100 million. And import construction materials directly through consular bag without any restriction…

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