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The United States will soon begin patrolling beyond the moon

A few days ago, the US Air Force Research Laboratory released a video that went almost unnoticed. However, this reveals important information: the U.S. military plans to expand its field of operation into space for the moon, beyond geostationary orbit.

In Video The recently published US Air Force Research Laboratory reveals to us the best plans of the U.S. Army in space. This future work involves expanding its capabilities beyond geostationary orbit with a new satellite called the Cislunar Highway Patrol System (CHPS). This will be the military’s planned patrol in Chislunar space. In other words, it goes to the limit of the Moon’s orbit.

American space missions so far Extended to 35,400 kilometers from Earth, In geological orbit. The Air Force Research Laboratory wants to extend this range tenfold. CHPS ” It will cross thousands of government and commercial satellites while on its way to a previously rarely visited area 438,000 km from Earth“, The video confirms.

The development of the satellite will be monitored by the Air Force Laboratory. The latter will then be acquired by the U.S. Space Force for use in the U.S. Space Command, which oversees military operations and operations in space.

The moon was discovered in 1992 by Galileo space exploration. Thanks to: NASA / JPL / USGS

Moon, future playground

What will the US military do with the satellite near the moon? Probably simple observations. ” This will be the next step for them to find out what is going on in the Cislunar spacecraft and then identify potential threats to US operations.“, Explains Ars-Technica Brian Wheaton, Project for the Safe World Foundation. According to him, this study is not the other way around Not used to respond to these potential threats.

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Through its video, the U.S. Air Force says it wants to ensure the good performance of space transport growing in the lunar environment. Artemis Project. One step Recent Report The Center for Strategic and International Studies plans dozens of missions to or from the moon over the next decade.

The U.S. Air Force will ensure the peaceful development of space, and our missions on these distant borders will be safe and secure.“, Says the video.” Responsible use of space and unrestricted access to space field awareness ensure collision avoidance, orbital logistics, communications, navigation and maneuvering, all of which are essential for trade, science and space exploration in the United States and its allies.

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory plans to publish a request for proposals for prototypes. Next March 21. The successful project will be announced in July.