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The United States will be at the 2021 Motocross of Nations

2007 Motocross of Nations, American show of strength home in Butts Creek. Little Frenchmen second, an achievement.

Motocross Des Nations is still the event of the year in the small world of MX, especially, above all, conflict. Europe / United States. Let’s face it, everyone in this race is coming to see! After the cancellation of the 2020 edition, we remind you of what was going to happen in Ernie, France, there is a legitimate concern with the MX environment: Americans who were once invincible but have now become mere candidates on stage, will they return? We know that their arrival will cost a lot of money, America is not the type to travel light, without any financial concept. The extent of a success is no longer guaranteed, but rather, unlike the big years. However, Americans do not want to lose, and when you have to spend a lot of money for it … some media do not hesitate to ask to ignore the event in this matter.

It is true that coming to Europe is complicated and expensive for the American team, it travels more than it actually gets. However, other countries that are financially stable succeed in doing so each year. So it would have been shameful and discriminatory for this event to lose itself from the American team. The good news is, it can’t! Mike Pelletier, AMA Director of Racing, has confirmed that the United States will field a team for the Motocross Des Nations, which will take place on September 25/26 in Montova (Italy). This is seen with any pilots.

Keep in mind that this will be an “exceptional” event as the MXGP season will not end. So teams can veto their participation if their drivers fight for a title. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Absolutely unworthy to receive a valuable race. It will be better in 2023, Ernie ! To be continued

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Rich, Photo Valentine Kinberto / MX2K.