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The United States to stop trying to identify the sources of the media

The United States to stop trying to identify the sources of the media

I swear, it’s over. The U.S. Department of Justice confirmed Saturday, June 5th“She is not looking[it] Plus (…) To obtain information from the media and to put an end to current and long-term practice. ”.

Secretly obtaining telephone and electronic communications from investigative journalists, especially during political leaks, is a practice that is often criticized – undermining press freedom.

“Calling journalists to investigate political leaks is not in line with the president’s political orientation.”, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said.

Under the Trump and Biden administrations

The New York Times Revealed this week The judiciary, under the Trump and Biden administrations, is waging a covert legal battle to obtain emails from its four reporters. According to the American newspaper, the goal was to identify their sources.

In a statement, Jen Zhaki said the White House had no knowledge of the matter until the New York Daily Report was released on Friday.

CNN also reported last month The Trump administration has secretly searched the phone records and email records of one of its reporters.

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