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The United States is once again suspending take-off rights

The United States is once again suspending take-off rights

Despite the resumption of flights to pre-epidemic levels, U.S. federal officials said Extend the exemption Utilizing departure and landing areas to help major airlines retain their desired rights at major airports in New York and Washington this summer.

Decision of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Will allow major airlines to maintain their dominance at major airports At the end of October, Even if they drop some international flights. In general, at airports, airlines that do not exercise the popular “slots” or rights reserved for slots John F. Kennedy and Lacardia In New York, and at the National Airport Reagan In Washington, DC, there is a risk of losing them. However, in March 2020, when airlines stopped flights, regulators violated this rule International spread.

The FAA has extended the slot application discount four times, with the deadline ending on Sunday. It will extend the discount for international flights until October 29, which is expected to be released into the Federal Register next week, the decision said. The company quoted A globally changing and highly unpredictable situation , Around Kovit-19.

The FAA will extend relaxation rules on flight schedules at Newark (New Jersey) Liberty Airport, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International and San Francisco International. Discounts were also supported by American majors Lufthansa, British Airways And other major international carriers. Small airlines often oppose such measures, which they say are difficult to grow in bustling airports.

The FAA action comes as US air travel approaches Levels Before infection. More than 2 million In March, people passed through airport security checkpoints for a day 13% decline According to government statistics, compared to the same month of 2019. The Airlines for America Group says international flights to and from the United States are down 42% from 2019.

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