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The United States is imposing further sanctions on the military junta

D.He is tightening sanctions on the coup in Myanmar. The U.S. Treasury Department has announced the enrollment of two adult children on the regime list of military leader Min Aung Hlung, who is believed to have benefited from his father’s behavior. “We will not hesitate to take further action against those who incite violence and suppress the will of the people,” said Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. He warned that further punitive measures could be followed, condemning the arrests of more than 1,700 people and the brutal conduct of security forces in peaceful protests. So far, more than 60 have been killed.

Foreign Minister Dominic Robb said after the US move that Great Britain was also exploring additional measures against Myanmar. “We know the regime should not be allowed to benefit from abuse of power and human rights abuses,” Rob told the short news service Twitter.

Not the first obstacles

After the coup, the United States already imposed sanctions on top commanders in Myanmar, including military leader Min Aung Hlung. The commander-in-chief of the regime change on February 1 was the chairman of the ruling state executive council. His two children control a total of six companies in Myanmar. Listed companies and individuals will have their assets frozen in the United States and business relationships will be banned.

Human Rights Watch, a human rights organization, welcomed the US Treasury Department’s move, saying it was aimed directly at Min Aung Hlong’s revenues, but called for stronger sanctions. “These are not punitive measures that we believe will lead to a change in behavior. We recommend that they focus on current revenues, which are huge and, if disconnected, would be very painful for the military as a whole, ”said John Sipton, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. So far, the United States has been reluctant to impose sanctions on military companies such as the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL), which are used by the military to control much of the country’s economy.

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