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The United States is expanding its cooperation with the International Space Station

The United States is expanding cooperation with the International Space Station

The United States will continue to participate in the work and funding of the International Space Station (ISS) Until 2030, despite tensions between Washington and Moscow, NASA announced over the weekend.

US participation in the activities ofISS It was funded only until 2024, and called for an end to all cooperation with the station in 2025, according to a budget estimate provided by the Trump administration.

But heirISS Private US space stations will not be protected until the end of the decade, and the decision announced over the weekend to extend cooperation until 2030 will be confirmed. “A seamless change” BetweenISS And new residential areas, Notice On the edge.

Recently, “Growing tensions between US and Russia threaten cooperation needed to workISS, Look at the site.

But NASA chief Phil Nelson realized that only this weekend “It is more important than ever for the United States to move forward by multiplying international alliances and developing rules and regulations for the peaceful and responsible use of space.”.

In late November, Russia destroyed one of its satellites by missile, causing severe damage to thousands of pieces of debris.ISS. This episode sowed panic in the station and angered Americans.

L ‘ISS Developed jointly by the United States and Russia, with the participation of European, Japanese and Canadian space agencies. It costs NASA $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion a year, and represents $ 87 billion in global investment for the US government.

Like the transport of American astronautsISS, Now provided by billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX, NASA is in the private sector bank to build the next space station, which wants to spend its energy and resources on Mars and moon exploration.

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In early December, NASA commissioned three companies, Blue Origin, Nanorax and Northrop Krumman, to design and upgrade for commercial use.