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The United States condemns Mali's opposition to Minusma's new order

The United States condemns Mali’s opposition to Minusma’s new order

On Thursday, the UN. UN Security Council adopted by the Security Council. In a statement, the United States strongly condemned Mali’s decision not to use the provisions of the Minusma Force New Order. “The United States is deeply concerned by Mali’s interim government’s statement that Minusma intends to deny the freedom of movement necessary to carry out its mandate.”US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement. “In doing so, the forces are blatantly violating the terms of the agreement. (SOFA) The interim government must respect “She added.

On Wednesday, the UN. After a one-year referendum on extending the peacekeeping mission, he promised that jihadist groups, including those responsible for investigating human rights abuses by the Malian military or its Russian paramilitary supporters, could not guarantee freedom of movement in Mali. Blue helmet for trial without prior agreement from Bamako.

“Any attempt by host countries, foreign security personnel or other actors to impede the freedom of movement of the peacekeepers will seriously compromise their security and affect the mission itself.”Linda Thomas-Greenfield insisted. “Minusma needs freedom of movement to carry out the tasks entrusted to it by the UN Security Council.” The U.S. ambassador recalled that since 2013, as part of the process of authorizing the use of force and investigations into possible human rights abuses. “We urge the Interim Government to accept its responsibility immediately and fully as the host country of the UN peacekeeping operation and to respect the terms of the SOFA Agreement.”She finished.

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According to diplomats, Minusma has been restricted in its freedom of movement since January, which coincided with the deployment of Wagner’s paramilitary forces in Mali to the private Russian company. As a result, Minusma has not yet been able to reach the Maura (center) area, where NGOs say hundreds of civilians were massacred by Malian forces with the help of foreign militants between March 27 and 31.