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The United Kingdom was threatened with a stroke

The United Kingdom was threatened with a stroke

Story – The “communicable epidemic” leads to staff shortages and cuts to key sectors of the economy.


A week later «Independence Day, Day Fully lifting the restraints The country is plagued by significant disturbances associated with a sharp increase in the number of people who are forced to self-isolate after contact with a person infected with the virus in the UK.

Canceled trains, long lines at airports and staff shortages in the restaurant business are some of the consequences of tabloids dubbing. «Pynthemic, Based on this ங் ping Smartphones release to announce the receipt of a message.

Between July 7 and July 14, more than 600,000 people in the UK and Wales were isolated after receiving a warning message from the NHS, Britain’s public health organization, through the use of Covid-19. Eight days ago Boris Johnson Itself Was forced to isolate itself After a meeting with Conservative MPs.

The «Pynthemic Apparently an effect

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