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The United Kingdom and its Fintech are the main targets for foreign direct investment.

Britain and London continue to be key targets for investment. Financial and professional services, and fintech, are widely appreciated.

Despite the epidemic, economic downturn and Brexit, the UK continues The primary goal of the investment In financial and professional services. This emerges from a new report from the City of London Corporation, which explains why the island, and more specifically LondonIt will attract many investors compared to other financial centers in the world.

The UK and London are still seen as key investment destinations

In 2021, 169 foreign companies invested 1.1 billion in the UK financial services sector on 189 different projects. In terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) in financial and professional services (FPS), the UK ranks first in Europe in attracting a large number of projects. Only the United States performs better in the world. London accounts for half of the investment, with 600 million in 114 projects. The other 75 projects are located in Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

The largest FPS investments in the UK come from companies in the US and North America, followed by 42%, Western Europe (31%) and Asia-Pacific (17%). But while these regions provide the most prosperous investors, four out of the top 10 corporate investors by 2021 will come from Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

Financial and professional services, and fintech, are widely appreciated

According to the report, the UK is seen as an even more attractive investment opportunity by the availability of capital, research and development resources and its highly stable legal framework. The report explains that fintech accounts for one-third of these resource development projects. By 2021, 32% of foreign investors will be from Fintech. The next two largest investor clusters are IT services and investment advisers, 15% each.

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The study also looked at the return of the United Kingdom after Govt-19. With FDI projects down 30%, the number of projects will increase by 8% by 2022 and the value of investments will be + 66%. Job creation in the FinTech sector is very promising. Prior to the outbreak, one project created an average of 29 jobs. In 2021, 44. Before the epidemic, an average project raised an average of £ 4.5m. Today, about 5.8 million pounds. And this dynamic needs to be further emphasized.