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The UK's hardest working city has been revealed - and those who want a pint after a long day - The Sun.

The UK’s hardest working city has been revealed – and those who want a pint after a long day – The Sun.

Sheffield has been named the hardest working city in the UK, followed by Belfast and Glasgow, according to a study.

A study of 2,000 office workers revealed different approaches to working between UK cities – those in Sheffield who work longer hours.

New data reveals hard-working city in the UKCredit: Getty

83% of Yorkshire city workers worked overtime.

In contrast, residents of Glasgow enjoy early results, while those in Leeds believe that they and their colleagues are more sociable at work.

Businesses in Newcastle and Leeds topped the list for being extremely grateful to employees and colleagues.

Richard Smith, CEO of Office Freedom, a global flexible workplace brokerage firm, commissioned the research: “Every city is different in terms of how their businesses operate.

“It is very interesting to see how different parts of the UK are different and what the country thinks about their workplaces and common practices.

“But in some parts of the UK workers seem to be happier than others.”

The study found that people in Leeds consumed more cups of tea and coffee – an average of four cups a day.

Bristol workers take the longest lunch break and get well over 30 minutes each day.

While companies in Newcastle have better childcare benefits, 64% of workers in the Northeast believe their company is flexible and understandable when it comes to families.

Two-thirds of all workers generally enjoy their workplace, with the average worker usually attending two social events per month.

A further 38% consider their co-workers as friends and 21% enjoy their company outside of work at least twice a month.

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Since the onset of the epidemic and the introduction of flexible jobs, 72% of people now enjoy more of their work due to it.

One-third take long lunch breaks while working from their own home.

Nevertheless, 51% generally feel overworked – 49% violate their contract time on all or most of the days they work.

Overall, 66% believe their company has benefited from hybrid jobs, and 63% wonder how they worked in the office five days a week before.

Top 5 cities that work the most


2. Belfort

3. Glasgow



As a result, nearly a third of those polled by OnePoll would be upset if the hybrid working model was abandoned, and 20% would be angry.

Richard Smith of Office Freedom added, “This new system of work has finally arrived – and it’s here.

“He’s going to start for a while, but it looks like the epidemic has given him the impetus he needs to move us into the future of hybrid work.
“As companies test four days a week, flexibility is more important than ever. I do not think we will ever see the UK or the world, let’s go back to the old working methods, which is very exciting.