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The UK wants to criminalize channel crossings

The UK wants to criminalize channel crossings

Following the introduction of the Point Migration System, which marks the end of Europe’s free movement in the United Kingdom in early 2021, the Home Office (British Home Office) released on Tuesday, July 6, the second bill aims to complete this mechanism. “Take control” Within the borders of the country. Already highly controversial, the National and Boundaries Bill aims to criminalize channel crossings Small boats, These inflatable boats are being used more and more despite the danger. It also opens the way for asylum seekers to be deported outside the national border as they evaluate their claims.

In 2020, according to the Home Office, about 8,500 people were detained, up from 1,800 in 2019.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 6,600 migrants have reached the coast of Kent (in the Dover region), rescued or detained by the British Coast Guard, the report said. Times, Despite the infection and bad weather. The figures are roughly the same as in other European countries – Italy welcomed about 34,000 people arriving by sea in 2020, and Spain 40,000 by 2020, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. But they have increased a lot: in 2020, according to the Home Office, about 8,500 people attempted to enter the UK illegally by boat, up from 1,800 in 2019.

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“For a long time, our asylum system has been lining up bags of disgusting smuggling gangs using the utterly broken system. In fact it is unreasonable for vulnerable people who need protection and for UK citizens to pay for the organization. Home Secretary Priti Patel, the early Brexit right-winger of the Conservative Party, said on Tuesday.

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The law guarantees different treatment to asylum seekers who have made their claim within the framework of official “relocation programs”, from those who have entered the country illegally: the latter will see the rights to access family reunification or crop aids. Even if their request is accepted, the Home Office will only grant them temporary status.


This text will increase from six months to four years “Illegal entry” In the country. London also grants the right to restrict the issuance of visas to countries that refuse to co-operate in accepting the arrival of asylum-seeking nationals. Give more powers to the Coast Guard to push back the boats that migrated to the French coast, “Subject to agreement with France”. Finally, asylum seekers can leave the country, while their request is investigated, paving the way for “sea” refugee centers. The Times London said at the end of June that it was in talks with Denmark to share a center for asylum seekers in Rwanda.

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