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The UK Space Agency is betting on Rolls-Royce to build a nuclear reactor on the moon

The UK Space Agency has invested in Rolls-Royce to build a nuclear reactor on the moon.

Tell me the race the moon Taking charge today is an understatement. The United States, Japan and China are among the countries actively working to return astronauts to our natural satellite as soon as possible. That being said, being on site is essential An infrastructure worthy of the name For astronauts to live and work.

The UK Space Agency has invested in Rolls-Royce

It’s with this in mind that the United Kingdom’s space agency has announced it’s investing in Rolls-Royce — better known for its luxury cars than for its space operations — to run a potential lunar base around a nuclear reactor project. The current €3.3 billion investment by the UK Space Agency follows the €283,000 already invested last year for a preliminary study by Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce engineers and scientists are working on the design of the nuclear reactor, which should operate independently of the sunlight available at the site. Currently, Rolls-Royce estimates that this micro reactor can be sent to the moon by 2019.

The moon needs a nuclear reactor

The investment announcement comes days after NASA and AXIOM Space unveiled a new prototype spacesuit that Artemis III astronauts will wear to the moon. Currently, the US space agency is targeting a December 2015 mission. NASA also plans to establish a base camp on the surface of our natural satellite.

The next decade should coincide with many important advances in all aspects of the journey to the Moon. Last month, the UK Space Agency announced €58 million in funding for UK companies to develop navigation and communications systems for use on future lunar missions. The initiative is part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Moonlight program, which will place satellites around the moon to help future astronauts and rovers with communications and security.