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The UK refuses to impose a single charger on Apple

The UK refuses to impose a single charger on Apple

The British government does not want to follow the decision of 27 people for now.

Of course, this is the history of this end of spring on the Apple page. In intense campaigning with the European Union to prevent the imposition of a single charger, Apple seems to have failed in its fight against 27. We learned on Tuesday that by 2024 Apple would have switched to port USB-C on all of these devices. Including iPhone.

One might think that the debate is over and that Apple has no choice but to submit to the European Legislature. However, without counting the British government led by Boris Johnson, it decided not to follow the European decision for now. Here it is BBC A government spokesman was quoted as saying “Does not currently plan to meet this requirement”.

Under current Brexit rules, the provision made by the EU applies to Northern Ireland but not to the rest of the United Kingdom. The most subtle situation for the Cupertino giant, he has to make a decision. As a reminder, Apple has always strongly opposed single charger. “A Serious Break for Innovation” According to her.

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