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The UK is preparing for the biggest train strike in 30 years

The UK is preparing for the biggest train strike in 30 years

The UK is preparing for the biggest train strike in more than 30 years between June 21 and 25, with industrial unions demanding better wages and working conditions. The RMT Rail Union also announced a new 24-hour strike in the London Underground on June 21, a one-day strike this week, which severely affected operations in the capital and was followed by other days of the strike in March.

When asked on Sky News on Wednesday, Health Minister Sajid Javed warned of the impact of the strike on the economy in the aftermath of the epidemic. These announced the danger of social movements disrupting many large-scale sporting and cultural events, especially the Glastonbury Music Festival. “More than 50,000 railway workers will go on a three-day nationwide strike later this month over the biggest industrial crisis since 1989.And major privatizations in the sector, the RMT union said in a statement released late Tuesday. He is responsible for this social movement that will take place on June 21, 23 and 25. “Rail bosses’ inability to reach a negotiated settlement with RMT“.

Government concerns about the economic impact of the strike

RMT says Rail Network Operator Network Rail intends to cut at least 2,500 maintenance jobs as part of a 2 billion savings plan. “Network rail and rail companies have imposed a multi-year wage freeze on their employees and plan to cut thousands of jobs, affecting train safety“, RMT argues.”We have a cost-of-living crisis and cannot accept that railway workers will lose their jobs or face another year’s pay freeze.With runway inflation, RMT general secretary Mike Lynch commented.

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When asked about Sky News, Health Minister Sajid Javed warned about the impact of the strike on the economy after the outbreak. “We do not explicitly accept this decision of the unions. If these strikes happen, I think it will be bad not only for the passengers but also for the workers because you need a stable career.Sajid Javed responded on Sky News. He recalled that the department had received 16 16 billion in public assistance to continue to operate during the epidemic.Find a way“.