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The UK is preparing for "Rooney-Mania"

The UK is preparing for “Rooney-Mania”

On September 7, UK bookstores sold Sally Rooney’s third novel, Beautiful world, where are you?, Especially the title expected by the young Irish wonder. Conversations with friends And Ordinary people.

Often referred to as ” The voice of his generation “Where” Head of Teachers Millionaires [nés dans la décennie 1985-1995 environ, NdR] », Rooney already has the rights to a series of adaptations of a work, Ordinary people, Broadcast by the BBC Three Channel and the Hulu Platform.

On the sales page, Rooney received an exceptional reception in the United Kingdom, with sales of two of his books selling for 8. 8.37 million, including those made in Ireland, according to quoted figures. Irish Mirror In 2020.

In France, versions of Rooney’s two books were translated and published by D. L. Olivier Latidia Devox And Stephen Rocks, and our partner Edistot, according to estimates, have sold more than 33,000 copies in all formats. The publisher will also oversee the translation of this third novel.

Across the channel, publisher Faber puts small meals in large ones, opens a pop-up store in Shoreditch in East London to accommodate Rooney’s third novel boxes, but mentions his other titles, as well as books appreciated by a select novelist Bookseller.

Waterstones in Piccadilly will receive the author on Monday, September 6 at 7:45 pm with a dedication and reading for readers.

In addition, on Tuesday morning, September 7, about fifty British bookstores will very impatiently open their doors in advance. And so on DefenderInspiring these events, the sequence that could be created on September 7 compares to what we noticed when the books were released. Harry Potter

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Photo: Sally Rooney en 2017 (Chris Boland, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)