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The patent pending will not allow the production of another vaccine dose

The UK is investing to test the effectiveness of different vaccines

The British government announced on Wednesday that it was investing in testing the effectiveness of vaccines against variants and keeping the virus “one step ahead”.

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At the forefront of the diversified hierarchy, the United Kingdom will release .3 29.3 million (.8 33.8 million), which will increase the screening capacity of the military hub of Port Down (south of the UK), according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.

It is currently possible to process 3,000 samples per week, up to 700, to measure the level of antibodies produced by the vaccine to produce sera very quickly against mutations for COVID-19 disease.

“Increased testing capability in Portton Town will ensure that the UK virus is outperformed,” the ministry said.

The country is the most affected by the epidemic in Europe, with more than 127,000 deaths, and the vaccine is one of the most advanced, with 35 million people taking the first dose (two-thirds of adults) and 15 million two doses (30% of adults).

The government fears the arrival of new types of vaccines that could make the long prison and vaccination cases imposed in the winter significantly reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

It currently maintains strict border controls. Holidays are set to resume overseas from May 17, but British newspapers report that only a handful of countries are benefiting from the isolated exemptions, which officials hope will ease travel conditions to one part of Europe. ‘Here in July.