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The UK does not follow Europe in USB Type-C

The UK does not follow Europe in USB Type-C

The British Government Does not follow the EU demanding that IPhone And use all smartphones USB-C As a common charging system. After more than a decade of debate over the common charger used in all devices, the EU has officially given its thumbs up on the matter. From the end of 2024, new rules will be requiredUSB-C as a common charger Effective throughout Europe but not in the UK.

According to BBC NewsA British government spokesman said. We are not currently considering recreating this requirement. However, UK and EU officials say the general charger will fit devices in need Sold in Northern Ireland.

The UK Lost Security of European agreements When he left the Union by his plan “Brexit”. Ireland, however, is in the European Union, which led the British government to conclude a special treaty concerning Northern Ireland.

Following that, the United Kingdom offered to break the Intermediary Agreement, but for now Northern Ireland Subject to EU standards In terms of products. The UK has insisted that it has developed a strict standard system to protect large numbers of users Technology companiesBut he did not give powers to this organization.

The UK is trying to postpone this decision Negotiate contracts only In global trade, the country will have less time to legislate to consider adopting EU exporter status.

However, it is also possible that this is not necessary. Chances are high for thatApple accepts wireless charging Or sells lightning-fast USB-C adapters rather than making one Separate iPhone model To England.

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