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The UK could build seven nuclear power plants by 2050

The UK could build seven nuclear power plants by 2050

The Energy Minister said on Sunday that the UK could build seven nuclear power plants by 2050 as part of a new strategy to increase its energy independence following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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“The idea is, given [Vladimir] Putin does, “We do not want to live in a world where we depend on Russian hydrocarbons.”

According to the newspaper, after intense internal discussions, the government of Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday is set to present its strategy to reduce the UK’s energy dependence and achieve the target of zero zero emissions by 2050.

“There is a realization within the government that we can do more in nuclear power,” Quasi Quarteng said.

In 2050, “the UK will have a world of six or seven bases,” he continued. “It’s not going to happen in the next two years, but it’s definitely what we want.”

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the plan calls for the construction of at least two large-scale nuclear power plants by 2030, with the exception of small modular reactors, so most of the existing nuclear power plants should be shut down by this deadline.

On the contrary, the Minister stressed that hydraulic breakdown and coastal wind power will not play a key role in the new strategy due to the “strong local resistance” faced by these technologies.

In addition to sanctions against Russian interests, London is also targeting the energy sector, which has imposed a ban on oil imports by the end of this year.

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