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The tunnel is more popular than the tram in Quebec

The tunnel is more popular than the tram in Quebec

The third link continues to have more support than trams in Quebec City, although it has fallen a few percentage points since details of the project became known.

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According to a new survey by Léger, commissioned by the Lévis Chamber of Commerce, 59% of Quebec City respondents fully or somewhat agree with the construction of a tunnel under the river, compared to 52% for the tram project.

This represents a seven percentage point drop for the tunnel, which 66% of Quebec respondents favored in mid-February during the previous Léger investigation conducted on behalf of Journal and TVA Nouvelles, or before Legault’s government implemented its project. General.

The structuring network was then supported by 50% of the participants from Quebec, before unveiling its new route in the east of the city.


“We just destroyed the myth of people who said the tunnel was Levis’ patent. That’s totally wrong,” Levis Mayor Gilles Lhuillier analyzed Thursday, who was pleased with the results while the massive costs of the project are now known.

At Levis, third link support is 76%. Everyone had expected the fall in the wake of the cost announcements. Unfortunately it did not arrive,” said Mr. Lhuillier sarcastically at a press conference.

The mayor had come out of his vacation to comment on the poll, which was conducted among 2,000 people from Quebec City, as well as from Levis, Bellecha and Cote de Beaupre.

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The main objective was to measure the support provided to the Réseau Express de la Capitale (REC) and its four components, two months after its introduction: the Quebec Levis Tunnel, the Quebec City Tram Line, service to the suburbs and interconnection. Public transportation with south beach.

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Across all areas surveyed, 70% of respondents support the government’s integrated vision, a significant increase from 53%’s support for rates of emissions reductions measured by Mainstreet at the end of May.

Mayor Levis saw these figures as a sign that the government’s vision was now “consensus,” calling on political parties of “all levels” to “mobilize” the economic and social grouping.

liger scan highlights

  • The degree of adhesion to the project by regions:

In the four regions covered by the survey (Quebec, Levis, Belchas and Côte de Beaubre):

  • Capital Express Network: 70%
  • Quebec Levis Tunnel: 64%
  • Quebec Tram: 50%

In Quebec:

  • Capital Express Network: 66%
  • Quebec Levis Tunnel: 59%
  • Quebec Tram: 52%

In Levis:

  • Capital Express Network: 78%
  • Quebec Levis Tunnel: 76%
  • Quebec Tram: 44%

*Percentages include participants ‘fully agree’ and ‘somewhat agree’ to the project in question. According to a Léger survey commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce Lévis conducted from 9 to 21 July 2021 among 2,000 adults from Quebec, Levis, Belchas and Côte de Beaupre. For a probability sample of the same size, the maximum margin of error is +/- 2.2% (19 times out of 20).

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