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The Trois-Rivières lions have received official notice from the city of Trois-Rivières

According to the city, the company Electronic health records He did not pay his rent at the Colisée Vidéotron in Trois-Rivières. The amount of debt is between $500,000 and $600,000.

The Lions have just completed their second year of lease within an initially planned 5 year period.

The city’s general manager, François Vaillancourt, explained on Live that the amount of one year’s rent is $435,000, to which royalties on tickets sold must be added.

The contractual bond that unites us must remain, I want to reassure the population. There is no question of termination of our contract with Electronic health records on the contrary. We want to protect that privilege. It is an exceptional sporting feature that highlights the beauty of this runway. »

Quote from François Vaillancourt, General Manager of the City of Trois-Rivières

However, the city expects to receive its payment within a month.

The Trois-Rivières Lions organization says it will comment on this official notice tomorrow (Friday).

adding equipment

Presentation possibilities at the Colisée Videotron have been limited since its opening. The runway does not have the necessary equipment. The city now says it is ready to address this problem.

There will be a demo concert in the coming months to allow us to validate the need for additional equipment that we need to allow us to hold show-level activities.As François Vaillancourt says.

He adds that the initial goal was first to build within the allotted budget. In time, the city had to consider the idea of ​​improving infrastructures. Electronic health records He was aware of this item He finished.

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