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The transfer of Bitcoin (PTC) from the United States to El Salvador will explode

The transfer of Bitcoin (PTC) from the United States to El Salvador will explode

That’s it, a real crypto-nation – Because El Salvador was the first country to make history Bitcoin is a legal tender, The focus of all media is on this small Central American country. It must be said that Salvadorans had already begun to adopt the king of the cryptos for some time.

Bitcoin for international transfers without expensive intermediaries

The relationship between Bitcoin (PTC) and Salvador Didn’t start suddenly See here, The president of the country, announced his discovery Satoshi Nagamoto A national currency.

Together Analysis From Reuters, Salvadoran aliens actually use bitcoin for a long time As a way to change their money In the country. The magnitudes of these transfers are, in particular, specific Exploded Since the beginning of 2021.

Month has less than 1,000 monthly Bitcoin transfers (mainly from foreigners in the US) Four times 1 year, from $ 424 000 In May 2020 $ 1.7 million This is May 2021, according to data from Synalysis.

PTC transfers are also at an all-time high $ 2.5 million As of March 2021, this is the case in many Central American countries.

Total Monthly Bitcoin Exchange Amount Below Monthly 1,000 – Source: Syinalysis via Reuters

Thanks to Bitcoin, one of the wisest salvadorans The fastest and cheapest way Send money across borders, Without expensive intermediaries Helps generously in passing.

However, there is a big one Educational work Salvadorans will benefit the most from the opportunity to represent Bitcoin, as total money in 2019 represents $ 6 billion.

With its bitcoin law, El Salvador plays a leading role in the region, for example Recently received support from BCIE, One of the largest sophisticated banks in Central America. The only obstacle to a country’s first “bitcoinization” is: The International Monetary Fund threatens El Salvador He should not be given some of the help promised to him because he chose.

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