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The trademark "Bell FIBE" was challenged in the Canadian Federal Court

The trademark “Bell FIBE” was challenged in the Canadian Federal Court

The Ontario company, which provides television, telephone and Internet services in several provinces of the country, is attacking the FIBE trademark of Bell Canada, in federal court, because it lacks the distinctive character with the English word “fiber”.

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SkyChoice Communications said in a statement on Tuesday that trademarking the first four letters of the word “FIBER” would risk preventing independent Internet service providers from using the word FIBE in their trademark.

However, the company noted that fiber-optic technology “has now become a major selling point when promoting fast and reliable internet service.”

Serge Cormier, CEO of SkyChoice, said: “Independent ISPs are already operating at a significant competitive disadvantage due to restricted or restricted access to existing fiber optic facilities in Canada, one of the countries with the most affordable rates for Internet services in the world. the scientist.”

The Ontario Corporation, which provides television, telephone and internet services in many of the country’s provinces, noted that Canadian regulations generally prohibit the registration of marks that could be confused with common words.

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