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The Tories will begin voting for their new leader after Boris Johnson

The Tories will begin voting for their new leader after Boris Johnson

The last straight line to make believe. Boris Johnson Adherents of the bowing British Conservative Party Start voting this week To the person after him. Two more candidates are in the running: Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. First is now the favorite in the polls against his opponent. effect September 5 is expected And the winner will take the reins of Downing Street in five weeks.

Members of the twelve-year-old ruling party, whose exact numbers remain secret but are estimated at nearly 200,000 (less than 0.3% of the population), have until September 2 to make their choice known during a postal ballot. Ballots should reach members representing older, male and white voters by the end of the week.

Liz Truss took the lead

After a fairly transparent start to the campaign and party MPs alone being allotted five votes to choose the two finalists, the suspense seems to have eased. Ayarada is the preferred candidate of the majority of the delegates who put him in front during the first phase of internal polls. Rishi Sunak42, while his action was appreciated The international spread of Covid-19Not significantly popular with the party base.

The former finance minister, Liz Truss, 47, is promising massive tax cuts, with favorable polls after her first televised battle with the opposition, which has seen rallies swell. Therefore, the current finance minister, Nadim Zahavi, announced on Monday in favor of the diplomatic chief, which was estimated in columns. Daily Telegraph It would “overturn worn-out economic orthodoxy and steer our economy in a conservative manner.”

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Brandon Lewis, the former minister responsible for Northern Ireland, is well-respected within the party, along with the failed MP for party leader Tom Dugentat and especially Defense Minister Ben Wallace. “Experience” in wartime Ukraine.

Opposition to taxation

From the start of the internal campaign, environmental issues were not mentioned, and the two finalists were prominently opposed. Taxation. On the one hand, Liz Truss is promising tax cuts without delay, and has announced a return to the increase in social security contributions introduced in the spring to fund a public health system hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

Rishi Sunak cautioned against “fairy tales” and warned that it would be necessary to wait for inflation to fade from its highest level in 40 years before reducing the tax burden. However, the super-rich ex-banker recently started a turnaround by promising to cut VAT on energy to give relief to households and a 20% cut in income tax within seven years. Her lines at seven weeks.

To woo the conservative base, he also promised to tighten immigration rules and launched the weekend on culture wars favored by the party’s right wing. He vowed to stop “left-wing insurgents” from “bulldozing our history, our traditions and our core values”.