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There are religions that hide the hair of their women. why ? For this excites many of my stupid hosts who would rather hide their wives than control the seed, the host. But this we can not talk about. why ? Because that would be racist! »


Did you hear the “freak out” of Michel Charette’s character in the first episode of the show’s second season? Happinese to the value added tax?

Wow, that sucks! I hope that in 2023, we’ll be eligible for TV that moves, of artists who dare say what they think loudly and softly and works that stir it up!

Beam face, I’m not finished!

to me infoman At the end of the year, the character of Michel Charette from happiness He also farted: “There were Olympics in China, and the World Cup in Qatar. What’s the deal? Should human rights be violated to hold sporting events? Will Quebec City have to enforce the canon to get the Nordiques back? I admit I laughed.

When I’m a pessimist, I lament that the art community is mostly consensual, gnangnan and marshmallow. When I’m optimistic, I see that there are also comedians, comedians, screenwriters, and authors who give us more gritty and heartwarming moments.

No offense to Rimbaud Gauthier, who didn’t get the memo that we were no longer living in 1953 and that we no longer called our enemies “pedophile”, I loved the case Bye bye 2022 Where Patrick Howard resumed his character from Rogatin Taxi 22.

Rogatin replied to a Rambo caricature who complained about the “dictatorship” of sanitary measures: “Do you want me to talk dictatorship to you, little Mambo? number 5? Want to experience your caravan in Russia, let’s say? Go Parker for you Truck In front of Putin’s Kremlin? He will ride himself on the back of a bear inside released Oiled double axe aspects And he will chop you up into small pieces to make wood for his barbecue to cook steaks for a sandwich.” I cried out with laughter.

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I also laughed a lot during the number on Caleb’s daughterswhich poked fun at self-righteousness, cancel culture, non-binary fixation, notions of consent, and more.

The majority of the 4.7 million people who listened to Bye bye 2022 You find these waking obsessions ridiculous.

Outside, the sinners

In 2022, she attended Christian Beijing Comedy Show, 8 deadly sins. I didn’t like everything about this somewhat rambunctious show, as Begin read the teleprompter, but I have to recognize his courage in thinking “outside the box.”

When he laughed at his waking obsessions, like subtle animosities and toxic masculinity, I laughed heartily.

But my favorite line is this one, when he’s addressing a hypothetical audience member who would have been so annoyed by his words: “If you want Safe place, there is only one in the back, behind. It’s called … a taxi. decode! »

What I wish for us for 2023 is more Christian Begin rejecting the insult…and more slip-ups.