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The survey found that employees are unable to “disconnect” while traveling

The survey found that employees are unable to “disconnect” while traveling

Although hybrid work offers flexibility in the workplace, new research suggests that with this way of working, work-life balance takes a serious hit.

According to a survey by Ceridan, a US capital management technology company, 74% of respondents say that access to remote work makes it easier to take vacations.

However, the problem remains that this access to work from home means a workload that is likely to follow them everywhere, CTV News reported.

The online survey, conducted by Harris Poll, indicates that less than half (47%) of respondents – in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom – avoid their workload altogether while on vacation.

Half of Canadians admit that they find it hard to be separated from their jobs, while in the US, 41% of respondents barely leave their work home when they are not on schedule.

As Ceridan reports, “Taking vacations is fine, and managers will contact them directly if something urgent happens.”

Economic affairs

Another complication in taking a vacation is the lack of funds. According to the survey, of all the respondents who want or are planning a vacation this summer, 70% said that economic factors make their plans difficult to realize.

Almost 34% of those surveyed said that travel had become too expensive, mostly due to inflation, while 32% said they could not afford time off from work.

In addition, 17% of respondents said their work is too busy to take time off, and 15% said that no one would be available to replace them while they were away.

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