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The sudden reveal of the manufacture of AirPods Pro

The sudden reveal of the manufacture of AirPods Pro

Unlike other Apple teams, the AirPods Pro could have shown complete transparency during development.

As we know, Apple attaches special importance to the way its teams work. If they only come from Returning to Apple Park after two years of working remotelyIn the offices, Apple employees were working completely independently, unaware of what other departments were working on. A harmful work atmosphere that a former HR employee wanted Apple to change.

Chris Dever, that’s his name, he worked at Apple from 2015 to 2019. In a Interview At FastCompany, he explains how the Apple teams operated at the time and how they were all forced to keep secret what they were working on. Thus, an employee working on an iPhone cannot discuss new features or advances made on the smartphone with a MacBook employee, and vice versa.

“While Apple has clearly identified secrecy as a core corporate value, each of these behind-the-scenes leaders have been emphasizing the power of the one thing that has made them successful: engagement. […] The Jony Ive design team talked about it, ” He explains.

“Of course, no executive has suggested going to extremes in participation, like companies in Silicon Valley release product roadmaps to the public. It would spoil the surprise. But what we found was a level of openness in a popular closed system that included greater participation.”

Instilling transparency in Apple’s DNA

Chris Dever has consulted with many experts, including Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar. The animation studio teams worked collaboratively and discussed all of their progress. The way it works is “rooted in the Pixar culture, which we wanted to instill in Apple’s DNA.”

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Prioritizing team transparency and brainstorming, that’s how the AirPods Pro team worked. Weekly employee transparency session, sharing the challenges employees are facing… then everyone has to explain precisely where they have been in the development phase and what other teams can be of use to them, all while working now in large open spaces. In small offices as before.

The benefits, according to Deaver, were immediately visible: better quality collaboration, more efficient teams… This new culture at Apple had a name. “Different Together”referring to no less than famous “Change the way you think”.

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