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The stands and the victory of Italy: a good combination!

The stands and the victory of Italy: a good combination!

good weather, newly accessible stands and a Squadra Azzura match; It didn’t take much to revive Montreal’s Little Italy neighborhood.

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At the start of the European Championship, the atmosphere was good for the opening of the tournament on Friday, which ended in a relatively easy 3-0 victory for the Italians over the Turks. Some fans came for the match, others for the return from the stands, but everywhere in a good mood.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

“We couldn’t wait to see the match after a year of waiting. We are here in great numbers. All football is TIFFUSI. […] “We’re so excited about this breakup, we can all meet, all friends,” said Jos Rissen, who met shortly before the meeting started outside Panino Pizza.

Many Montrealers emphasized the difficult year they had and that Euro, which had been off for a year, used a little balm on injuries.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

“It opens the heart. That’s good. I see very, very happy people too. They’re happy to be outside like this,” said Nitti Luigi, a longtime fan who enjoyed the Gelato Cafe Terrace with members of his family.

The Azzurri made their fans wait for this match without disappointing them. The Italians scored three goals in the second half and each goal was accompanied by a good cheer that could be heard reverberating throughout the neighbourhood.

“There are a lot of cafes in Little Italy, so everyone has their place, and the better things go, the more I get the impression that there will be people,” explained Mark Chandossi, who took an outing with the 78-year-old. -Grand. It’s just the first match, and very slowly, we’re going into the championship defeat.”

Sitting on the balcony of Cafe San Simeon with about thirty other fans, the duo recounted to the author of these lines their memories of the 1982 and 2006 World Cups with nostalgia, anticipating at least a place in the semi-finals. Favorites in Euro 2020.

You don’t have to know about Italy’s latest big wins or be a huge football fan to enjoy the show either.

“It depends on the day, it depends on the teams. Andrea Belair Areola, in her early twenties, who was in the company of several friends, explained with a smile.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

According to the fans with whom he met, Italy has a chance to go far during the tournament. The team led by Roberto Mancini has not lost in nearly 30 matches, giving hope to the Italo-Montreal team.

Italy is in the same situation as it was in 2006, when it won the World Cup. No one was waiting for them and they came from behind. Jos Rissen said, “The underdogs” are what they are

“Italy remains the team to beat,” predicted Mario Resin, who has no family ties to Gus. It’s like the Montreal Canadiens, even if we don’t get to the final sometimes. I think we will have a good tournament with Italy.”

In Group A, the Squadra Azzurra will face Switzerland on Wednesday, then Wales on June 20.