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The Standard sucks Codemasters Cheshire to complete Need For Speed ​​2022!

While we are still waiting for the first information on Need for Speed ​​2022 It’s a small one that was announced this weekend. In fact, Criterion Games is merging with one of the Codemasters studios that is none other than Evolution, the creators of MotorStorm and DriveClub!

Codemasters Cheshire has become the Cheshire benchmark for completing Need For Speed ​​2022!

If the next need for speed It was mentioned in 2020 during EA Play before it has since disappeared. The game is clearly a year late (thanks to COVID) in its development. The latter seems to speed up and precipitate certain things. And therefore , Codemasters Cheshire just merged with standard. The creators of Burnout, absent from Need For Speed ​​since 2013, have a second studio in the UK. If the name Codemasters studio means nothing to you, then its original name should speak to you more. In fact, it’s Evolution Studios, the creators of MotorStorm on Playstation 3 and DriveClub on Playstation 4!

Electronic Arts and Criterion present themselves as a major advantage in the design of the next Need For Speed ​​but above all future games… including Burnt ? It is true that the return of the series has been the hope of many players for more than 10 years! case to follow. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the next need for speed scheduled to be held at the end of the year. According to the latest rumors, the game will be “realistic”, will take place in an “open world” in Chicago and will abandon PS4 and Xbox One!

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