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The son of the murdered Haitian president is exiled in Quebec

The son of the murdered Haitian president is exiled in Quebec

The eldest son of the assassinated Haitian president last summer, exiled in Quebec for his own safety, has asked to participate directly in legal proceedings so that all the perpetrators of this “evil act” are punished.

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“It is inconceivable that this gesture, which includes foreign agents, should go unpunished. Nothing can justify the assassination of a head of state,” Goverlin Moss said in an interview with magazine.

The 29-year-old fled to Quebec on July 7, a few hours after Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home by armed commandos. At this time the son was 15 minutes from the scene of the tragedy.

His lawyers, including Anna Philippe La Rochelle, who specializes, among other things, in international law cases note: “Since then, he lives hours of anxiety and turmoil.”

Considering himself a “primary target”, Goverlein Moyes hurriedly fled. And if he chose Quebec, it was because of his strong ties to the nation that welcomed him to study and then to work.

“I came back to Haiti for the funeral, but not since,” he explains. Quebec is an egalitarian society. We’re fine, we’re safe, we’re recovering. “

But that did not prevent him from submitting a request yesterday to appoint him a “civilian party” in the proceedings against his father’s killers. This will allow him to participate and intervene during the investigation, which has so far led to dozens of arrests, including the arrest of a former rebel leader, a former senator and even a judge. Claims 5 Gord [6,2 cents en dollars canadiens] Symbolic, to be displayed “to symbolize her quest for justice for the benefit of the presidential family and the Haitian people.” “He wishes to see the Sword of Justice pure and simple […] Suppress all those who have been held criminally liable,” his lawyer indicated in the request.

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Because according to Goverlin Moss, his father was assassinated, among other things, because he had a progressive vision for the development of the country.

“There is a small minority who are benefiting from the chaos and instability,” he says. My father was adamant that he did not want the country to return to instability. “

Goverlin Moyes also says he is confident that justice will be served, even if it is “long”.

Haiti is sinking into a state of social instability as kidnappings are on the rise.