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The Sixth Wave: No Long Vacation Slogan

The Sixth Wave: No Long Vacation Slogan

Despite the continued rise in the number of hospitalizations, public health is reliant on individuals to decide whether or not they wish to gather during the long Easter holiday.

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Unlike the first waves of COVID-19, the director of public health is not only ignoring the new restrictions, but refusing to make recommendations for Quebecers who will gather at the weekend.

Dr. Luc Poelho made it clear during a press conference on Wednesday that everyone should “assess their risks.”

Thus, people who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have experienced them in the past 10 days should avoid gatherings. Likewise, people at higher risk, such as those with cancer, should exercise caution.

On Wednesday, Quebec received 2,060 hospitalizations linked to COVID-19. A new projection from the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) reported 2,339 beds occupied within two weeks.

Quebec will also have to deal with a new tile: Influenza (the flu) arrives late this year.

In Europe, where flu season began a few weeks ago, influenza is causing stress on the front line, without having a major impact on hospital admissions, explains microbiologist and expert from MSSS, Dr. John Longtin.

Listen to Genevieve Petersen’s interview with Joseph Dahen, intensive care physician at Cité de la Sante Hospital, on QUB Radio: