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The shocking interview with Olivier Renard "They are destroying the club and we have to put an end to it."

The shocking interview with Olivier Renard “They are destroying the club and we have to put an end to it.”

A few hours before Christmas, Olivier Renard picked up the phone from Montreal, where he had set up his home for more than two years. “Because the vessel is overflowing,” he says, and because, according to him, “it is time” for Bruno Finanzi to suppose. It holds its options, more specifically those that are now being scrutinized by the courts.

Excerpt from our long exclusive interview

In Midfield, a report from RTBF, we learn that Bruno Finanzi is suggesting in his testimony that you could have “personally enriched yourself” in Standard. What do you say in that?

(Live) Same thing. He denied everything that was said. Bruno Finanzi can say whatever he wants, but the roles in Standard de Liège are very clear. There is only one person who decides what happens in the club. This is Bruno Finanzi. All documents, whether agreements or contracts, were prepared by Pierre Locht (Legal Adviser), Pierre Jacquet (General Secretary), and corrected by Alexandre Grosjean (CEO). No document is created without Bruno Finanzi’s consent. Let’s be clear: Olivier Renard was not the original of any document in the Standard de Liège. All these documents were signed by the club leaders and Olivier Renard did not write a single letter. Bruno Finanzi’s specialty says: “It’s not me, it’s him.” Or after that: “Maybe I was naive in this matter, I was not careful …” This is never his fault. It was Bob Claes’ fault, then Daniel van Buyten, Christoph Henrotay, Olivier Renard, Benjamin Nikes, Michel Priudhomme… It’s time to assume. I repeat: no document in the Standard de Liège is created without the consent of Bruno Venanzi. Even holding a fifteen-year-old player. The owner knows very well when it was signed, and why it was signed. It’s his decisions, it’s his club. And if they forget it, like the three people I just mentioned, I’d be happy to help them get their memory back. I know how to prove everything I say. These people are destroying the club and we must put an end to it. […]

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