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The shimmering reflections of a duel of magnificence

The shimmering reflections of a duel of magnificence

Two-player version of the well-known board game magnificenceAnd Wonderful duel It is a game of collecting cards and tokens that combines financial strategy, in a way, and planning according to the actions of your opponents. All in a very interesting location.

Eager to beat his opponent and obtain the title of Goldsmith par excellence, each player will have to search for prestige points and crowns, two winning conditions that can be achieved by purchasing cards and cards that can be obtained with the different colored icons, but also thanks to the advantages that certain cards give, with Game progress.

It might sound complicated, at first, since we’re offered three win conditions, up to three different actions per turn, and five (or rather) six colors of tokens… Well, maybe all that’s nothing to the eyes of tough guys, those who willingly dive into the busiest of games, but for a title whose games must last an average of 30 minutes, there was reason to fear serious difficulty.

Fortunately, this is not the case: for the first part, reading the (short) rules and preparing and completing the different rounds of the game will only take you 45 minutes. But these 45 minutes will be frankly fun, with a relatively high pace of play to avoid getting lost in examining the different possibilities, and without having to constantly refer to the rules.

With high quality cards, board and tokens – the tokens have a very nice weight -, Wonderful duel Just right for a short and super fun gaming session. And honestly there is nothing to fault this title which attests to complete success when it comes time to turn the title into a game for two players.

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