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The second astronauts on SpaceX's manned mission will return to Earth on Monday

The second astronauts on SpaceX’s manned mission will return to Earth on Monday

NASA announced that the four astronauts from Crew-2, SpaceX’s second manned mission, will leave the International Space Station on Sunday, and land off Florida “no later than 12:14 GMT on Monday, after spending more than six months in space.” “. Friday.

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The crew consisting of French Thomas Pesquet, Japanese Akihiko Hoshied and Americans Shane Kimbrae and Megan MacArthur, will return to Earth before the arrival of the four Crew-3 astronauts aboard the International Space Station, whose takeoffs have been several times. Late times, especially because of the weather.

“As we prepare to leave, there is a sense of some bitterness,” Thomas Pesquet said earlier Friday at a press conference from the space station. “We may never go back to see the International Space Station, and it truly is a magical place.”

After its rotating descent, the Dragon capsule will be retrieved from one of the potential access points, off Florida, by a SpaceX boat.

Crew-2 is Elon Musk’s second regular mission on behalf of NASA.

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