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The safety of the vaccine for adults and children has been confirmed again

The safety of the vaccine for adults and children has been confirmed again


  • The last safety study of these vaccines was published in 2014.
  • Researchers are not seeing any new serious side effects associated with their administration.
  • According to the World Health Organization, vaccination prevents between two and three million deaths every year.

This is a new argument against Vaccines : Researchers studied the safety of various common vaccines given to adults children. They affirm their interest in protecting the population. The results of their analyzes have been published in the journal Serum. “This work supports immunization policies designed to protect ourselves and others from a wide range of diseases.Dr. Courtney Gidngel, lead author of this study said.

Limited side effects

In total, the researchers analyzed 338 studies on safety Vaccines are commonly administered, Except for those against Covid-19. They were particularly concerned with the vaccine against fluAgainst measles, against human papillomavirus (HPV) or against tetanus. Their results show no link between the measles, rubella and mumps vaccine, called MMR, and autism, which is Controversy Often highlighted by vaccines, on the other hand, this product increases the risk of febrile seizures, even if it remains limited, and these seizures generally do not cause long-term complications. HPV and meningitis vaccines are not associated with an increased risk of side effects in children and adolescents. For adults, the flu vaccines or Hepatitis B. It is also not associated with a higher risk of side effects. at pregnant womanThere is no evidence that diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccination increases side effects, such as stillbirth.

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Safe products are essential to our protection

This study is an important reminder that vaccines are safe, and that whatever risk they pose is largely matched by their ability to protect us from disease.Dr. Courtney Gidngel says. side effects The ones that were spotted during this new research were already known before and are still few in number according to their findings. The study authors found that rates vaccination It remains high in children, but less in pregnant women and adults. The results of this research can help reduce mistrust of vaccines. In 2019, World Health Organization Along with dengue fever and measles, anti-vaccines are ranked among the top ten threats to global health.