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The SAAQclic portal is still failing

I have the feeling of being held hostage by a system that should be completely automatic. There was a big IT update, but I don’t know where it went: it’s hiding at the momentFrédéric Estienne falls.

This motorcyclist recently bought a new bike to go on an adventure this summer with his partner. But for now he has to be patient, unable to get his new registration on SAAQclic.

I realized that the service provided, is not available for a new transaction. It is simply available for storage or for license renewal. So I did all these steps for nothinghe regrets.

So Mr. Estienne tried – not without difficulty – to make an appointment online at a branch near his home. The date is automatically pushed back by a month., until May 19, he said. It was the same for many other branches. He also says he called customer service, but was unable to speak with a representative in person.

The Société d’assurance auto du Québec’s new platform continues to be plagued by failures, two months after its launch. Reporting by Gabriel Proulx.

Sands in gear

there leg It launched a new SAAQclic portal on February 20, in order to improve its online service offering. Quickly, users could not get the services they needed.

Then many of them decided to go to a Crown service point. As a result, record numbers are observed throughout the province, which puts customers’ patience to the test.

We delivered SAAQclic at a perhaps controversial moment, in full prime after a multi-week shutdown, Interview Analysis Daniel Lafrenière, Strategist in Customer Experience, User Experience and Digital Transformation. In his opinion, the potential effects of this digital transformation on users and employees leg It has not been adequately taken into account by those responsible for the project.

Currently, the queues in front of service points have decreased significantly, but many clients still face significant delays in obtaining an appointment. This is the case of Ensari Abdelaziz, who crossed paths last Thursday in the parking lot of a Crown branch in Montreal. I think it’s poorly organizedHe says.

This father is unable to get an appointment quickly to pay for his new taxi licence.

I have bills to pay, but it’s impossible for me to start working now because there are no appointments, no service. Everything is late. »

Quote from Nasri Abdel Aziz

Marie-France Saint-Amour’s patience was also beginning to wear thin. She recently sold her car, but can’t get a speedy transfer date. I tried to do everything myself with the government authentication service, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because it seems like my name is not spelled correctly in all the different documents.shows the person who finally managed to get a date on May 9th.

the accompaniment

In an e-mail sent to Radio Canada, the leg say sorry Inconveniences faced by some of our customersWith emphasis on that The situation is improving day by day, both at points of service and online.

Being still in a plateau due to the scale of such a project, we are constantly making improvements, note. there leg He also indicates that he is keen to settle customer issues as soon as they are presented to them, and that he provides support to those who wish to do so through private messages on Facebook or via e-mail.

Since February 20th, according to figures from Crown, more than 1.8 million customers have been served across Quebec, including more than 780,000 customers served online via SAAQclic. 259,000 SAAQclic accounts have been created since the new platform went live.

With information from Gabriel Proulx and Hadi Hussein.