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The Rouge et Or Raising the Dansmore Cup

The Rouge et Or Raising the Dansmore Cup

Université Laval Rouge et Or is back at the top of football at the University of Quebec. He regained the championship throne with a dramatic 25-24 victory in the last game of the match against the Montreal Carabines on Saturday afternoon.

After two years in Montreal, the Densmore Cup returns to Quebec thanks to a heated end to the game.

In the final game of the fourth quarter, with eight seconds remaining and the score 24-24, Glen Constantine scored a field goal from 48 yards.

Vincent Blanchard’s kick missed the right of the post. Returning Karl Chabot had the ball and was forced out of the end zone to avoid being allowed to run with one.

Except that he was ousted before leaving his area and Rouge et Or managed to celebrate their first Dunsmore Cup win since 2018. A missed kick was rarely celebrated so much at TELUS-UL.

The Quebec champions now have an appointment with Western Mustang University in the Mitchell Cup next Saturday in London.

“The game of my life”

This happy streak for Rouge et Or was made possible by the great play of Charles-Lee Alarie-Tardif, who arrived like a train to get past two hurdles and tackle Chabot, who was only a few centimeters behind. end zone

“It’s the game of my life!” The crossing defense line man said.

“I saw that the kick missed a little bit to the right. I went to the bottom. I saw two players making a wall in front of the return. I jumped into the wall and then raised the handle back,” he said, still impressed with the result.

happy decision

Coach Glen Constantine praised his players’ resilience as they lifted the Dunsmore Cup. He also noted that his choice to “bear the wind” paid off at the end of the match.

“We thought about sacrificing possession to get the ball in the fourth quarter to score a field goal. We have a good kicker. Unfortunately, he missed his kick. It took a bit extra and the ‘one point’ is only in Canadian football. It worked for us today.” .

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This ninth consecutive clash in the final between the two great opponents once again led to intense fights and physical play. Constantine expected it. “In the big games, the Carabins show up all the time. We know these are tough fights (dogs fight). »

Metal lights up again

Kevin Metal starred again when it mattered most with three touchdowns (see other text). He especially enjoyed the feeling that comes with winning a championship at home.

“You do it in front of your fans, in your stadium in our facilities. It’s unbelievable,” said the receiver, who now has 17 touchdowns since the start of the regular season.

The one who threw the landing pass, Arnaud Desjardins, enjoyed the moment, even if he ran into a roller coaster. Completed 21 of 32 passes for 253 yards and two interceptions.

“I haven’t won a championship in 12 years. I know it’s not the tournament we want, but it’s still a huge hit. To do it in front of our fans is a Feeling Amazing,” he said.

For veteran offensive lineman Nicholas Guay, this victory in particular allowed him to “remove weight” from players who had never defeated Carrapens in the playoffs.

“It feels really good. This year, there have been a lot of guys who have never won against Montreal. For a lot of guys, winning their first Dunsmore game will lift their shoulders. There, all the guys know we can be Quebec champions.”

great metal

Rouge et Or Receiver has never scored three touchdowns in a Dansmore Cup match. Who other than Kevin Mittal achieved this feat and won another record at Université Laval?

As he’s done a lot this season, Mittal shined when it mattered most. When the trophy was handed over to the new champions, the cheers of the crowd could be heard.” best player! best player! MVP (Editor’s note: Most Valuable Player or better player).

With nine receptions, 116 yards and three touchdowns, he clearly inherited the title of MVP in the game.

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“Yesterday (Saturday) at the press conference, I was going to answer one, two or three when a question was asked if I was going to cross the goal line. And that’s what I did. No. 8, who wears a beard in his team colors, smiled, “We came out with a victory and we are very happy.

“Amazing man”

His teammates and coaches had only good words for Mittal, whose performances allow them to continue their season for at least a week.

“We are fortunate to have such a guy in our field. He’s an amazing guy. He doesn’t happen often. He’s clearly the best receiver who’s gone to Laval, with no respect for anyone. He’s the most productive guy.” Coach Glenn Constantin praised ‘He can change the game on his own.’

“Without hesitation, we can say that he is our best player. He is the key to our team,” added forward Nicholas Guay.

For his part, Arnaud Desjardins made sure to remember that his loyal friend always upped his game during the important moments. The duo hit noticeably in the third quarter with a pass and ran for 50 yards. A game that gave Rouge et Or a bit of liveliness and drew a crowd of 12,375.

“How, with everything he’s done this year, it feels weird not to throw the ball in the big moments. He made so many big plays for us. Once again he showed all his talent in the important moments.”

No doubt

Among the rare veterans who lived through the 2018 Dansmore Cup conquest, offensive lineman Nicholas Guay never doubted the outcome of the match, even as the wind was blowing over the Carabines side.

He also predicted a close match “by a point or two” earlier this week. You hit the target. “Dansmore vs Montreal, it always ends the same. I am delighted to be on the right side this year.”

‘We deserved a better fate’

“Losing like this is heartbreaking, but hey, that’s the reality of the sport.”

As he hugged his players and wiped their tears, coach Marco Idiluca tried to find the right words to talk about this unusual and painful end to the game.

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“It’s a typical game between Laval and Montreal. A great match for the fans. […] Good football, but certainly I think we deserve a better fate today,” said the Blues captain, champions of the last two editions of the Dunsmore Cup.

very close

Iadluca expressed his great pride after seeing his players approaching victory.

“We’ve been through adversity all year. In the last two weeks, we’ve lost four defensive backs. We lost three of our key players in defense today. We fought to the end.”

After having a tough game in Quebec last month, quarterback Jonathan Sincal was able to show off the wood he was heating up. Complete 27 of 51 passes for 374 yards and a touchdown pass. He was also the victim of Anton Hay’s objection.

However, he was going to exchange his good stats for a different outcome.

“It’s so sad to end like this. We didn’t even have time to answer. We had a good one Pushing force on crime. If we get the chance [de répliquer] It might have been different. It’s Canadian football, and it could end like this,” he resigned.

“Laval hats”

Veteran Philip Lemieux Cardinal saw his college career come to an end at the end of the game.

The defensive line player thought his teammate Karl Chabot had done enough to allow the match to start in overtime.

“Football is something that is really played with the little details. It’s one game at a time. The last play, we thought we took the ball from the end zone. I think no. Hats off to Laval. They played a big game.”

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