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The Rock laughed out loud at Vin Diesel's explanation of their fight

The Rock laughed out loud at Vin Diesel’s explanation of their fight

Dwayne Johnson bursts into laughter when he reads Explanations given by Vin Diesel regarding their dispute Who has been working now since 2016. At that time, he was a star Jumanji He posted a “tweet” in which he complained about the behavior of one of his co-stars Fast and Furious 7.

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Since then, the two actors have stayed cool, so Dwayne Johnson is now driving his boat alongside Jason Statham with the franchise. Hobbs and Shaw a Role. But recently, on the occasion of an upgrade F9, Vin Diesel reluctantly added fuel to the fire by claiming he was tough on Dwayne Johnson to get the best performance possible. Yesla’s last comment, as reported The Hollywood Reporter.

I laughed and laughed out loud. I think everyone laughed reading this. And I will stop there. He said before confirming that he will never return to the main series that still has two films.” I wish them the best. fast 9. I wish them good luck too fast 10 And the fast 11 and the rest The Fast and the Furious They would do without me.”

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