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The right message, six months late

The right message, six months late

Jeb Bush. Scott Walker. Ron DeSantis. What do these three men have in common? They were praised by their party for their achievements as governor, and raised high expectations as presidential candidates, before failing spectacularly due to their lack of talent, charisma and message. In the case of the current Florida governor, it must be said that he has improved fighterWhich does not yet make him a political monster, far from it. But his criticism of Donald Trump is more scathing, which is what you'd expect from a candidate who wants to win.

If Trump runs, the election will be about his trials, perhaps his conviction if he goes to trial and loses his case, and things like January 6th. “We will lose if this is the decision voters make on this basis.”

This is the right message, six months too late. After Trump's first accusations, we should remember that DeSantis repeated the House Republicans' anthem about “exploiting” the judicial system.

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