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The return of the old GTAs?  Take-Two Unveils 3 Secret Transformers |  Xbox One

The return of the old GTAs? Take-Two Unveils 3 Secret Transformers | Xbox One

Dreaming is good, but achieving your dreams is better. Still in the illusion stage at the time of writing, this very expensive GTA compilation could become a reality in 2022. We’re evaluating.

The 2022 GTA trilogy is desperately waiting for GTA 6?

vision failure GTA VI Landing in the near future, all hopes of fans for a Grand Theft Auto license rests on the old episode remakes/ports that have characterized an entire generation of geeks. It has to be said that the rumors don’t go back to yesterday, from GTA III to GTA San Andreas via GTA Vice City, each of these episodes marked the PS2 history of the early 2000s thanks to its catchy scenarios and characters (Tommy Vercetti’s cuckoo). The specialized press, for its part, never ceased to praise the works of Pharaonic Rockstar. Moreover, for a small tale aimed specifically at our young readers, GTA Vice City holds the record for the best-selling game of 2002, the period when the franc was living its last months of existence, and this does not make us younger. all of this! Since that blessed time, gossip around a supposed group has emerged without ever forming. However, things could develop in the right direction (and we sincerely hope so in the coming months).

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has released its latest financial results. In addition to the numbers, he first of all drew a list of future projects for the 2022 fiscal year. So you will not be surprised if we discuss with you the new generation versions of the Grand Theft Auto VOr GTA Online or even kirbal satellite program. No, where things get really interesting is that this list contains 3 yet-to-be-announced games in the “New Releases for Current Games” section, which is a nice word to talk about adapters or ports, the document reveals. Posted by GTANet on Twitter and posted by VGC.

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Obviously it’s still too early to get away, but these three games can very well refer to this popular compilation that contains GTA III and GTA Vice City as well as GTA San Andreas. In any case, our patience may not be tested for long, as the current fiscal year ends on March 31, 2022. It gives hope to see this compilation unloaded from here at the end of the year. “Wait and see,” they say.