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The return of the Nordic countries: "We dream in color"

The return of the Nordic countries: “We dream in color”

The Arizona Coyote and a nearly 5,000-seat arena are stirring reactions across the National Hockey League. Meanwhile, Quebec City is eagerly awaiting the arrival of an NHL franchise with a runway that perfectly meets the standards.

“It’s a black eye for the National League,” said Michel Terrain, Saturday, before the meeting between the Montreal Canadiens and St Louis Blues.

“For me, it is not acceptable to play in such an arena. The players union needs to be involved in the revenue loss. Especially when you have cities ready to welcome clubs.

For Michel Therrien, there is no doubt that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has to face the facts.

“Quebec should be there,” he said.

Are fans fed up with the hope of seeing Nordic dream in color again? No doubt the former chief coach.

“I think we’re dreaming about colour. The Canadian owners group, headed by Jeff Molson – he headed in 2016, I think, and I was in the team’s entourage at the time – they don’t want Nordic.

Not in Molson’s best interest?

Therrien sees the “ad revenue and income pie” as too important for a second team to land in Quebec. Even if Molson was already open to the idea of ​​reviving the rivalry between Canada and the Nordic countries.

“Put yourself in his shoes. He can’t come out and say ‘I don’t want to have a Nordic, I want to keep all the revenue for myself.’ It’s a shame, because I still find Canadians have a responsibility to hockey fans and players, as well as to the staff.”

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“The rivalry and the enthusiasm that would result from that would be incredible for the province of Quebec. I think that’s going to be important. Unfortunately, with the ownership group that is with Montreal Canadiens, I don’t think they want to put the Nordiques into the picture.”

Surely, Therrien has no intention of returning one day to lead the Habs with comments like that! He does not intend to hide behind his microphone.

“I made my decision last year. We moved on. That’s why I’m more able to express myself than before. When you’re in the ‘game’ you don’t want to talk too much and resent.