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Free Flow Playoffs 12 avril 2022

The return of the free-flowing special for the playoffs, we take out the crystal ball!

It’s a great classic comeback on TrashTalk! Free Flow will come to your screens to make you wait before the playoffs, and with this opportunity, you can jot down the opinions of our three heroes to get them out in a couple of months, maybe with a good laugh. For your predictions for the postseason season, here are our predictions.

To participate in the TRASHTALK bracket competition, it is right here!!!

What is your free streaming science fiction? 2 hours and 30 videos, each year, to try to imagine what the qualifiers will look like, which will begin, as we remind you, on Saturday evening at 7 pm with the Mavericks – Jazz. Alex, Bastian and Simon, three different visions of life and especially the NBA, three different approaches, and therefore, inevitably, in different brackets. In good humor and analysis, our three assistants tried to show themselves, a tough exercise, to determine together who has the best chance of moving forward throughout this season. Back-to-back dollars? Suns for a rematch? The nets start from afar? A surprise from Massachusetts, Florida or Tennessee? What do you think of the Sixers? And Mafs? And Nikola Jokic? and play in like? Who will leave the game? There are a lot of questions but don’t worry, we provide a bunch of answers, very personal answers but some of them are similar, which will help you fill the TrashTalk Bracket that everyone is fighting for, in order to know in a few weeks, who is the most badass genius in the predictions community .

Come on, 2h29 from the video, let’s go. 149 minutes of triple analysis to see more clearly and wait until the first game of the next night, long live sci-fi, and perhaps the best predictor wins.

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