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The restaurant owner reveals on social networks customers who leave without paying

The restaurant owner reveals on social networks customers who leave without paying

The owner of Rick’s on the River in Florida has taken major measures to put an end to the problem of customers paying without paying.

Ken Brackins, second-generation owner of the restaurant in Tampa, has installed 16 security cameras over the past two years. Those who leave without paying their bill end up visiting his Facebook page, which has now become very popular.

Some self-identified customers come back to pay for dinner and often request that the video showing them be removed. He managed to arrest dozens of people in this way.

We believe this had a deterrent effect on those who were arrested. “They are ashamed and I hope they will not do this again in the future.”

In a video he posted last week, we see an employee interacting with a customer sitting in her Mercedes. The lady refused to pay for her beer. The video shows her, her car, and her license plate.

The restaurant has attracted significant attention on social media, garnering nearly 9,000 views and hundreds of comments, most of them supportive of the restaurateur’s unorthodox style and condemning the customer.

He confirms that the comments he receives after publishing are “very positive” and that this approach has contributed to a decrease in this type of theft.

Unpaid bills for those involved sometimes amount to several hundred dollars.

The restaurant owner does not want to file a complaint with the police, considering this a low priority case compared to more serious crimes.

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“They have a lot to do. I don’t want to bother them with this,” he said simply.