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The real scandal of the British royal family: their involvement in the war in Yemen

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Royals and weapons interact with golf energetics. How relevant was the death of innocent Yemen to Prince Charles?

In February, US President Joe Biden announced that he would end all US support for offensive operations in the Yemeni war. This should include related arms sales.

Nevertheless, Biden pledged that Saudi Arabia would continue to defend itself against Iranian-backed Houthi missile strikes. But how should this support be? The problem is how to differentiate between offensive and defensive combat operations.

So some Congressmen asked some questions and addressed them In short To President Biden. “How to define weapons?” And “What is the difference between an assault weapon and a defensive weapon?” Are some of the questions asked by Congressman Peter Defacio.

Joe Biden and the Battle of Yemen

These questions may seem absurd, but they are justified because no state or military group would say it wants to launch an offensive.

The general argument is that one must defend oneself against the invader (albeit in Yemen or other war-torn countries). Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched their illegal war of aggression in Yemen in March 2015, backed by the United States, France and Great Britain.

The US involvement in the war in Yemen took place under the Obama administration when Joe Biden was already vice president. Under the Obama and Trump administrations, the United States supported intervention in arms sales – even when it bombed public targets such as the Saudi Air Force schools and medical clinics.

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There is no doubt that the Biden administration wants to reduce its military support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. But sadly the past has often shown that these words are not easy to believe. It is untrue to say that US intervention in the country’s catastrophe and the killing of civilians was the only decision of the Trump administration.

The Royal Family as business start-ups

The United States has recently officially blamed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the assassination of journalist Jamal Kashogi, and has repeatedly condemned the Saudi royal family, but the British government has yet to receive any criticism. While family dramas between Prince Harry, Megan and the rest of the royal family make headlines, the real scandal involves the royalty’s role in British arms exports.

Made by the British Royal Family More than 200 times Members of the authoritarian Middle Eastern monarchies have met since the “Arab Spring” struggles began ten years ago. There were at least 40 meetings with top representatives of Saudi Arabia alone. As pro-democracy activists were punished for criticizing the relationship with the Windsor regime, their visits were often accompanied by human rights abuses.

Between July and September last year, the UK exported arms to Saudi Arabia after the ban on arms sales to the Gulf state was lifted. 1.4 billion pounds Approved.

Prince Charles’ diplomacy in the region has helped bolster Britain’s controversial alliances with anti-democratic regimes and boosted $ 14.5 billion in arms exports over the past decade. The fact that the Royals helped launch deals worth billions of pounds to sell used weapons in Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries is far worse than anything the press has reported about Megan Markle.

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According to the UN, 16 million people in Yemen are affected by famine. About four million people are said to have been evicted from their homes. The United Nations donor conference aims to raise $ 3.85 billion for Yemen to help civilians in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

However, there were only in the end 7 1.7 billion pledge, So not even half.

The death of the innocent Yemenis did not seem very appropriate to Prince Charles. However, the situation is different for those in power under dictatorial regimes. So he gave in to a case 0 210,000 for an overnight trip to Oman, Where he mourned Sultan Kapus, who ruled Oman until his death and ruled for a total of half a century.
(Elias Feroz)