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The reading square "Bulles de mots" of the secular care of recovery opened, in Brest - Brest - Recouvres

The reading square “Bulles de mots” of the secular care of recovery opened, in Brest – Brest – Recouvres

Animator with Secular Recovery patronage, Laura Doret, with the François Mitterrand-Le Capucine Media Library team, initiated a project to create a reading space within the neighborhood structure. The space became a reality with the opening, Wednesday, September 22nd.

“After several philosophical workshops with Myriam McQuarr, where children were able to express themselves on topics such as respect, equality or difference, this place is for children who are independent in reading and accompanied by illustrators trained in reading aloud to young ones,” outlines Emily Thomas, Artistic Director .

Children’s rights, equality, environment…

“We received a €1,000 grant from the National Book Center to establish a documentary film fund with books selected by three librarians on important topics, such as children’s rights, the environment and equality between girls.” , adds Sebastien Demang, its president, who notes the structure’s connection to education for all audiences and in all its forms.

Reza Salami, Deputy Mayor of Brest, responsible for cultural policy and the promotion of tangible and intangible heritage, and Marie-Pierre Crieff, deputy mayor in charge of the Quatre-Moulins region, emphasized the city’s connection to a shared democratic culture. During the snack, the children of the entertainment center voted for his name and “Paul de Mots” won.

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